Best Low Country House Plans with Detached Garage

Low country house plans with detached garage – A garage is a necessity in parts of the country with high snowfall, and yet some homes have no garage or they have an older detached garage for small ones to meet the needs of most homeowners. When choosing to design a garage, it is important to […]

Southern Style Homes With Wrap Around Porch Beautiful

Southern style homes with wrap around porch ¬†– An important new book by the southern Southern architecture foundation has been published. Southern architecture illustrated (ISBN: 0-932958-23-0) is a collection of over two hundred and fifty photos describing which design housing over 142 plans. These included Harman publishing company of Atlanta in 1931. The prototype has […]

Amazing Duplex House Plans with Garage in the Middle

Having your duplex house plans with garage in the middle is a wonderful convenience, especially if you live in the northern climates. Parking in the garage and carry groceries right into the house, not having to run through the rain or the snow to get to the door and just the safety of having your […]

Cape Cod House Plans With Wrap Around Porch Simple

Cape Cod House Plans With Wrap Around Porch – The Cape Cod home was developed by English settlers based on half-timbered house, but designed to withstand the harsh conditions of modern England. They were often referred to as a “ship on the land,” as early versions were built by shipyards along the Massachusetts coast. Reverend […]

Mediterranean House Designs And Floor Plans Roof

Mediterranean House Designs And Floor Plans – As you know, the Mediterranean style bases its aesthetics, in essence, on the Mediterranean culture that is woven in countries such as Italy, Greece and southern Spain. In the first instance, one of the bases of the Mediterranean houses and of this particular style is the brightness of […]

Ranch Style House Plans With Garage On Side Craftsman

Ranch style house plans with garage on side¬† – The floor plan of the ranch is an important American style of the suburban house during the last century. Home farms are known in residential neighborhoods, especially the construction of suburban housing. The ranch house tries to bring the country home, while providing the necessary functions, […]

Brick Exterior Design Ideas for Split Level House

Exterior design ideas for split level house – The outer face of a house is your letter of presentation exposed to the world … And if ours has two floors we will have to invest more creativity and ingenuity to show off with a facade not only of good taste, but practical and functional, pleasing […]

Cape Cod Floor Plans with Wrap Around Porch Brick

The cape cod floor plans with wrap around porch, made of wood or stone, have this structural element that is very common in homes with a warm climate, such as the Mediterranean and is different from the pergolas, which are spaces only to create shade. Besides having a major importance in regard to the architecture […]

Antique One Story Farmhouse Plans Wrap Around Porch

One story farmhouse plans wrap around porch – It is possible to build a house cheap as long as you do not place a value on the time you spend doing it, because the key to building cheap makes the most of the work itself – which means spending for at least 2 hours per […]

Amazing House Plans with Loft and Wrap Around Porch

House plans with loft and wrap around porch – Building a house can be an exciting adventure and one of the greatest efforts you will ever make. It’s a way for you to design and create the exact house you want to reflect your family’s needs and your individuality. You can also include many of […]