Southern Home Plans with Wrap around Porches Designs

The southern home plans with wrap around porches style are very eclectic. It combines not only the characteristic elements of the cultures of many countries in the Mediterranean. Such as Greece, Spain, France, Turkey and Morocco. Also visible is the influence of established contemporary styles: rustic, Provencal or shabby chic. White is the basic color […]

Big House Plans with Large Front and Back Porches

House plans with large front and back porches – Your style will define materials you use and you should keep in mind to maintain consistency with rest of house. If it is rustic style, you can use pillars of work or wood and for slate or mud pavement. Its roof must have slope similar to […]

Amazing Country Floor Plans with Wrap Around Porches

Country floor plans with wrap around porches – The porch is one of the most value added pieces in a house. In summer, and if it is conditioned, also in winter, we spend many hours of pleasant activities such as resting, reading, sunbathing, eating, playing or sharing with friends. The idea is to create more […]

Floor Plans for Homes with Wrap around Porch One Story

Each case must be resolved in a particular way. Another issue to consider is its orientation that must be such that it shelters the winds, so we have to choose the most protected facade of the house. The lower part should not be less than 2.20 cm. In the floor plans for homes with wrap […]

Southern Style Homes With Wrap Around Porch Beautiful

Southern style homes with wrap around porch  – An important new book by the southern Southern architecture foundation has been published. Southern architecture illustrated (ISBN: 0-932958-23-0) is a collection of over two hundred and fifty photos describing which design housing over 142 plans. These included Harman publishing company of Atlanta in 1931. The prototype has […]

Cape Cod House Plans With Wrap Around Porch Simple

Cape Cod House Plans With Wrap Around Porch – The Cape Cod home was developed by English settlers based on half-timbered house, but designed to withstand the harsh conditions of modern England. They were often referred to as a “ship on the land,” as early versions were built by shipyards along the Massachusetts coast. Reverend […]

Cape Cod Floor Plans with Wrap Around Porch Brick

The cape cod floor plans with wrap around porch, made of wood or stone, have this structural element that is very common in homes with a warm climate, such as the Mediterranean and is different from the pergolas, which are spaces only to create shade. Besides having a major importance in regard to the architecture […]

Amazing House Plans with Loft and Wrap Around Porch

House plans with loft and wrap around porch – Building a house can be an exciting adventure and one of the greatest efforts you will ever make. It’s a way for you to design and create the exact house you want to reflect your family’s needs and your individuality. You can also include many of […]

Beautiful Simple House Plans with Wrap Around Porches

Simple house plans with wrap around porches – The exterior of our home has always been an issue that has captivated us. Its appearance and design are always points that we must value very closely. It does not matter if it is the back and front of the house. A proper design with an emphasis […]

Build Small Lake House Plans with Screened Porch

Have you ever imagined the comfort and luxury of living on the edge of a lake? Complete with a cinematic setting, surrounded by a unique nature? And for example fishing from the comfortable space of your small lake house plans with screened porch? The lake that mirrors the silhouette of the residence is as if […]