Amazing House Plans with Living Room and Family Room

House plans with living room and family room – If you are with the idea that you want to build your house it is good that you go thinking about what your family needs so that a house works for you. The first thing is if you already have the land, decide as a family […]

Good House Design Indian Style Plan and Elevation

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions and cultures in the world. Do you want to house design indian style plan and elevation? Now we will inform you of some tricks and ideas so that you can contribute to your home exotic notes and Hindu touches. The keys are five: color, natural materials, many cushions, […]

Mediterranean House Designs And Floor Plans Roof

Mediterranean House Designs And Floor Plans – As you know, the Mediterranean style bases its aesthetics, in essence, on the Mediterranean culture that is woven in countries such as Italy, Greece and southern Spain. In the first instance, one of the bases of the Mediterranean houses and of this particular style is the brightness of […]

Brick Exterior Design Ideas for Split Level House

Exterior design ideas for split level house – The outer face of a house is your letter of presentation exposed to the world … And if ours has two floors we will have to invest more creativity and ingenuity to show off with a facade not only of good taste, but practical and functional, pleasing […]

Barn Metal Building House with Wrap Around Porch

We will analyze a modern metal building house with wrap around porch and bright interior design thanks to the windows, the house is located on the sea front so it is ideal an aluminum coating for protection and duration, but if you want to build with other types of metal you can inspire with this […]

Beautiful House Plans for Small Houses Cottage Style

House plans for small houses cottage style – The main attraction of a country house is its environment shared with nature. It does not matter if it is smaller or bigger, the garden will always be a huge place to get lost and then reach our favorite corner … and rest. Anyone who enjoys life […]

Charm Small Cape Cod House Plans under 1000 Sq Ft

If you are going to build small cape cod house plans under 1000 sq ft, the 3D plans will be of great help to go thinking about the decoration before it is finished. In the plan you will see each of the rooms, their distribution, where to locate the furniture and also the exterior spaces […]

Amazing Luxury House Plans with Photos of Interior

Luxury house plans with photos of interior – The interior and color scheme of your home is more important to your daily life than you might think. These are the design colors you will watch every day in the coming years. When you choose which color colors you want to use for your house interior, […]

Blue Bungalow House Plans with Wrap Around Porch

Bungalow house plans with wrap around porch – When it comes to renewing the appearance of a home, be it a bungalow or any other type of construction, you can undertake a comprehensive project that affects several rooms of the house or opt for an exclusive one. The design of the kitchen is a good […]

Big Hillside House Plans with Garage Underneath

In this Book of Ideas we will keep things simple, and we will show you the facades and a picture of the interior of each of these hillside house plans with garage underneath, hills or terrains with degrees of inclination that, without ingenuity and good architecture, would be impossible to do. The idea is to […]